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A Driving School That Understands Young Drivers

Female Driving Instructors

Female Driving Instructors

female driving instructorsOf the 150 very best universities in the whole world, two are located in Ireland. As one of the smaller countries, covering a little over 27,000 square miles, that’s a pretty impressive feat! Trinity College Dublin is ranked the 71st best university, while University College Dublin comes in at 139. You might not realise it, but Ireland really is coming out on top in terms of education. You made a great choice!

Ireland’s ‘education scene’ is attracting more and more students, both from around Ireland and from some exotic - and sometimes from some not so exotic! - locations. Interestingly, Ireland’s universities seem to be particularly loved by women, and the Central Statistics Office reports that almost two thirds of new entrants to Ireland’s higher education institutions are female. For one of the first times, the girls are outnumbering the boys, and this is changing the way some driving schools are operating.

At StudentEDT, we think learning to drive while you’re a student is a great idea. It means you can quickly and easily get around the city for your lectures, it means you can nip your washing home to mum at the weekend, and it means you don’t have to cart your cheap hotdogs and other ‘student staples’ back to your dorm in your arms! More students are beginning to see the advantages of learning to drive, and with an influx of female students, we’ve seen an influx of female learners, too.

Meeting Demand

As we’ve started welcoming more and more young women to StudentEDT, we’ve had to adapt to keep up with demand and ensure our students are learning in a happy, healthy environment. This is why we’ve got a great team of both male and female driving instructors - to give our students choice and flexibility and ensure they feel comfortable and confident when they’re behind the wheel.

We understand that some women naturally feel more at ease around other women, and that some domestic and international students may prefer to learn with a woman for religious reasons. In our experience, we’ve found that our students tend to perform better on the road when they’ve got a great rapport with their instructor, and we’ve found this relationship to be hugely important.

The Female Driver Myth

OK, OK, we’ve heard it before, and we know you’ve heard it, too. There’s a common myth that women, on the whole, are not very good drivers. Truthfully, there are some women out there that are not just bad drivers, but REALLY bad drivers. We’ve seen them racing 150 km/h down the M50, one hand holding a phone to their ear and another fiddling with the radio. But there are male drivers that are equally as bad (if not worse!). Both men and women can be bad drivers, and both men and women can be good drivers, and with StudentEDT, you know that your instructor is a registered ADI.


As a registered ADI, you have complete peace of mind that your instructor - whether male or female - has undergone Approved Driving Instructor Training, and aced the 3 stage examination with flying colours. Due to this mandatory qualification, you should find no difference in the knowledge, skill level, or teaching ability of female instructors when compared to male instructors. We’re proud to be one of the only student-focused driving schools in Ireland that offers learners the choice of a male or female driving instructor, so if you want to be the one in control, give us a call to book your lesson!