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A Driving School That Understands Young Drivers



Our Driving Instructors are COOL, CALM & COLLECTED

Juggling essays, dissertations, the odd job in the student union and then looking for driving lessons in Dublin… it’s mad, isn’t it? It can also feel a bit overwhelming at times, and the last thing you need is more stress over Dublin driving lessons. All our approved driving instructors offer driving lessons Dublin students love but they don’t want to add to your load, which is why we’ve got a qualified team who are some of the most chill people you’ll ever meet. Really! We’ve succeeded in finding just the right balance between professionalism and friendliness.

Looking For Some Driver Education Facts!

Let's get you up to speed

Learning to drive in Dublin

Learners - What You Need To Know

Learning to drive in Dublin
If you're new to driving you going to need to learn more about the EDT...
Parents - What You Need To Know

Parents - What You Need To Know

Understanding the sponsor role
Calling Mums, Dads and Guardians... you have a part to play as well.
female driving instructors in Dublin

Female Driving Instructors

*and male instructors across Dublin - we arent sexist :)
We have male and female driving instructors in Dublin at your disposal.
Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

Is driving automatic safer than manual?
It's growing more and more popular. If you want automatic driving lessons then look no further.
Let's get started! Where do you want to learn?
Are you a student?


Flexible Driving Lesson Scheduling

We work according to your schedule, not the other way around. We know that being a student is hectic, and between attending classes, a Dublin driving lesson and getting to the union in time for happy hour, life is crazy busy. That’s why we work around you. Need picking up from campus? No worries! Need to fit a driving lesson in Dublin city before heading back to Mum & Dad’s for the weekend? Great! And with a cancellation policy of just 48 hours, we’re one of the most flexible schools around.

We've Got Cheap Driving Lessons Dublin Students Love

"Do You Have Pick Up And Drop Off Service?"
"YES! Although keep in mind the quieter the area we collect you from the less stressful and better quality driving you can get in on your lesson."
"Do My Driving Lessons Expire?"
"You have whole 5 years to redeem your vouchers and block booked lessons and 12 months to finish any package from the point of your first lesson"
"What Happens If I Need To Cancel My Driving Lesson?"
"We have a 48 hours cancellation policy as standard but if it's a genuine emergency and you contact your instructor as soon as you know you can't make it then rescheduling without penalty is possible. If you have an self-induced headache from a few too many the night before and you cancel you will forfeit the cost of the lesson. We will always respect the value of your time and we hope you can recipricate. Ultimately we leave it down to the instructor to decide if they feel a cancellation fee is applicable."
"I'm Feeling Nervous About My Driving Lesson. Is That Normal?"
"Learning new skills outside your comfort zone is always going to stir up mixed emotions. Everyone starts with a belly of nerves and excitement. But you don't need to worry. Our instructors have been hand picked and especially trained to deal with the nerves and worries of young learners. You'll feel calm and safe in our dual controlled driving school cars and we promise after every lesson you'll feel pumped."
"How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need To Pass The Test?"
"At this stage I'm sure you know that you've got to do the 12 lesson EDT program. The Road Safety Authority also advises that you get 2 practice hours in between each EDT. That can be with us or with your sponsor. On average it takes students between 24 - 36 hours of driving to get test ready but everyone is different."
"Wait... What's A Sponsor?"
"The Road Safety Authority wants you to get extra practice in and advise you have a sponsor. Generally that's going to be Mum or Dad or any experienced driver you know that can help. They need to be genuinely interested in your progress and be calm, cool and collected. You don't need someone that is going to stress you out so choose wisely. Alternatively you can take extra practice lesson with us."
"How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost in Dublin?"
"That depends on the driving school your are learning to drive with. But generally expect to pay around €40 - €50 per hour. Booking driving lesson packages can reduce the hourly rate."




We are EDT experts ready to help. Here's what you need to know.

The Road Safety Authority recommends that learner drivers complete between 2 and 3 hours of pretest training between each EDT lesson, and that’s where we come in. Our approved driving instructors cover all the test essentials, as well as throwing in some extra nuggets of knowledge, too. Believe it or not, we want you to pass your test just as much as you do (yes really!), which is why we’ll make sure you have all the training you need to ace the exam.



It's time for YOU to get in the driver's seat!

Driving is an essential skill, and it really is so much easier to learn while you’re younger. Don't believe us? Well, the stats don't lie, and they show that 17 - 20 year olds are actually far more likely to pass their test first time than any other age group! That's why we've launched StudentEDT - a driving school catering exclusively for students and that understands the needs of young learner drivers. So no more excuses!